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Fire & Smoke Damage is one of the most expensive restoration projects that a homeowner can undertake.  The damage always goes beyond what you can see, especially when the humidity sets in and mold starts to creep it's way into your walls, furniture and roof.  Please, always consult with restoration professionals when cleaning up after a fire. Contacting a reputable insurance adjuster like Citizens Claims Consultants, can help you to maximize your claim amount, so that you can rest easy that ALL of the damage and unforseen aftermath can be taken care of.
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Water is the silent killer when it comes to unforeseable damamge to your home.  A pipe can burst in your wall, your water heater may have a slow leak, or even a leaky fauscet hose under your kitchen sink can wreek all kinds of irrepairable damage to your home.  If you have any kind of water or humidity damage, it is necessary for you to fix the problem immediately in order to prevent other deadly issues, like the harboring or mold.  Since this can also be a very costly endeavor, you want to make sure that your insurance company covers ALL of the damage in your home. Come to Citizens Claims Consultants to ensure that you get the most out of your claim, so you don't have to worry about those expensive repairs.
The destruction that a hurricane or tornado can cause is beyond what anyone can possibly imagine.  The sheer magnitude of what mother nature is capable of, no one can predict.  This is why having good insurance coverage is a definite must if you live in the state of Florida.  Having an equally good public adjuster, like Citizens Claims Consultants is even more crutial.  When it come to this type of mass devestation, you need to make sure that you have someone fighting for YOUR benefit.  The insurnace company will provide you the least amount necessary to fix damage, but not to get you back to the standard of living that you have built for yourself.  To ensure that you are getting the maximum and fair amount of your claim, call us...WE CAN HELP!
Mold Infestations are all too common in Florida.  Due to rain, flooding, strong storms and even humudity coming from insdie the home, mold can seem to appear practically anywhere and at any time.  The worst part is not the unsightly dark spots that accumulate over your walls and ceiling...it's the after effects to your personal health.  If you believe you have mold, there is aprofessional remediation process that can be very costly.  Call Citizens Claims Consultants so that we may guide you in the right direction for your claims as well as the necessary steps to ensure that you are rid of the mold.
Fire & Smoke Damage
Water & Plumbing Damage
Hurricane & Storm Destruction
Mold Infestations
Whether it's your home, or your business, theft and vandalism are all too real in the society we live in. Protecting your home and place of business are on the forefront of defence against malice.  Having a secure insurance policy is just as important!  If you do experience loss or theft, you feel personally violated and emotionally withdrawn. You shouldn't go through this on your own.  Let Citizens claims consultants help you get the most out of your claim so that you can put the pieces of your life back together.
Vandelism & Theft Claims
A roof that has storm or wind damage is not just asthetically unpleasing to see on your home, but it can also become unstable and dangerous.  You should never leave the roof of your home unattended after suffering any kind of damamge.  By doing this, it may lead to more damage or loss resulting in thousands of dollars of devestating effects. Call Citizens Claims Consultants today, and lets get your claim filed and determine the necessary funds to replace your investments most vital asset.
Roof Damage - Storm, Wind & Hail
Claims Process            
Residential and Commercial

1.Policy Holders should contact us immediately before or after a claim has been filed with the Insurance Company.
2.Citizens Claims Consultants will schedule an inspection to assess and evaluate the damages at the property. We completely analyze your policy provisions and conditions to determine your rights and responsibilities, including the obligations of the insurance company. We will attain all the correct measurements, photos and documents needed to prove your loss to the insurance company.
3.We prepare and file all the pertinent paperwork with the insurance company to ensure that you recover the maximum settlement you are entitled to as per your policy, including a fully detailed estimate on the cost for repairs and replacement of your damaged property.
4.Typically, within 72 hours of the loss, the insurance company will request an inspection at which time Citizens Claims Consultants will schedule an appointment at the insured's convenience. 
5.Citizens Claims Consultants will negotiate and assure a Maximum Settlement on your claim with the Insurance Company. If we feel that the initial settlement the Insurance Company has sent is unfair, we will fight it! This is NOT the final payment. The initial check is as a partial payment for you to start your repairs. We will keep you informed on your claim status from Start to Finish so that you will always know what is going on. Your Public Adjuster will continue to pursue the highest possible amount you are entitled to through mediation or an appraisal process.
6.If you receive a denial letter, the claim process is not over. Often times the insurance company incorrectly denies an insurance claim. Citizens Claims Consultants will examine the facts, circumstances and reasons for the denial. We will work towards having the insurance company retract the denial and issue payment.

No recovery / No Fee

The State of Florida is number 1 in illegal marijuana grow houses.  Grow houses can cause chemical damage as well as water damage, infrastructural changes, mold, spalling (of concrete) and explosions are also very common. The cost of repair is extensive and time consuming. Having an experienced public adjuster has proven to be beneficial for a policyholder for obtaining higher settlements from their insurance companies
Lightning strikes can cause fires, power surges that destroy major appliances, damage to your roof, downed trees and power lines as well as damages that are hidden to the untrained eye. Filing a claim with the insurance company for damages due to lightning strikes can be very challenging. Most insurance companies will want to know exactly where the strike occurred because they will not pay for damages from a surge that occurred off premises. Citizens Claims Consultants public adjusters are experts in proving your claim to the insurance company.
Florida is one of the three states in the country most prone to sinkholes. Sinkholes occur when the land surface above collapses or sinks into a cavity or when surface material is carried downward into voids. Sinkholes can be very destructive to the structures above them. Signs of sink holes such as cracks in the foundation or cracks in the building’s exterior should not be ignored. The law allows only two years for a sinkhole claim to be reported. Contact Citizens Claims Consultants if you suspect a sinkhole, our public adjusters will investigate your claim and get you paid.
Sinkhole Damage
Lightning Strike
Grow House Damage
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